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Suigintou glared down her captor, Kirakishou, in the latter's n-field.

She had been caught. How careless of her.

"We are the only ones left, onee-sama."

"What do you mean by that?" Megu had died a few days earlier due to a supposed heart attack, but Suigintou had suspected something more at work. The way she passed away was just too...unnatural. Suigintou had spent the fews days alone in her n-field and as a result, cut off from whatever happened in the human world.

She was captured when Kirakishou jumped her; although she had the home advantage, Suigintou was shocked to see that Kirakishou had the other maidens' power, and she got overpowered.

"Of spent the last few days mourning for your junk of a medium. What can I say? I killed them all." Her perpetual smile grew and she continued "Especially Shinku. I had her begging me for mercy, then I smashed her into pieces."


"Are we not Rozen Maidens? Have you forgotten our purpose?" She narrowed her eye." Your junk of a medium weakened you, onee-sama."

"You killed her, didn't you?"

"If not, why couldn't you tap your medium's power?" She grinned horribly.  "It took her quite a long time to die, and I enjoyed EVERY minute of it."

"You''re sick, Kirakishou!" Suigintou yelled. "To take delight in others' misery!..."

"Are you not the same?" she now frowned. "Megu obviously wanted you to kill her - she made a verbal request for you to do so. However, you did not, stretching out her misery. I would have thought she was glad to die. Also, didn't you capture Shinku and torture her? You have indeed softened because of that excuse of a human."

Before Suigintou could retort, Kirakishou whispered with a tone that sent chills down her spine, even though dolls don't have spines.

"Because you're my favourite, oneesama, you'll die the most beautifully of them all."


The ground was littered with pieces of porcelain, and as the wind blew scraps of black cloth away, the rabbit bowed.

"Alas, however hard it tried, the flower did not bloom, and withered."
Finally I finished it. *boxes herself for repeated procrastination*

For implict slashy fun fun, there is no mature rating.

Rozen Maiden, Kirakishou and Suigintou are property of Peach-Pit. I own nothing.
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